• What are interlocking pavers?

Interlocking pavers are most commonly made from cement or concrete, and tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways. ...Interlocking pavers are available in many colors and designs. They are modular, meaning that they connect together to form a variety of geometric designs.

  • Do pavers add VALUE to my property?

Pavers give a pleasant appearance to any outdoor area. Time spent outside is always more enjoyable when you are surrounded by beauty. Prospective buyers always see the outside of the house before the inside. A higher property value can be a real asset when the time comes to sell your home.

  • Why chose pavers over concrete?

Pavers are easier to work with and save you time. Using pavers is a great way to lower your carbon footprint. 

  • How do I keep my pavers clean?

Routine cleaning includes sweeping any dirt & debris. Periodic pressure washing will return even old bricks to their original shine and beauty. Avoid using sandblasters and muriatic acid as this may permanently discolor the brick, ruining the overall look. 

  • What types of sealers can I use?

We highly recommend using URE Sealer H20. This is a water based sealer produced right here in Lakeland, FL. It is a very user friendly sealer that will not only enhance the colors in your pavers but protect them for years to come. 

  • What are the shipping locations and charges?

We provide shipping through a freight company. Shipping charges are calculated by county and the number of pallets being delivered. There are no additional fuel surcharges to worry about therefore our rates are very competitive.

  • How can I restore my pavers?

Clean the pavers ensuring the surface is clean and free from any organic growth. You can simply use a power washer and a stiff broom to scrub away any grim and dirt easily. Any damaged brick should be replaced with a new one. Once you've inserted and leveled any new pieces you are ready to seal your pavers.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

We accept credit cards. There is a 3% fee for credit card processing.

  • How to remove tire skid marks?

Start with a small amount of detergent and add more as needed. Scrub your driveway pavers by hand, dipping a rag into the cleaning solution. You can also scrub with a natural bristle brush but be careful not to scrape your pavers. 

  • How long until I can use my driveway after installation?

Typically you can use your driveway the day after installation. However, If you are going to seal your project do not drive on it or use any sprinklers until it is sealed. This will prevent from any dirt and grim building up on the surface.

  • How long until I can use my walkway after installation?

You can use your walkway immediately after installation. However, if you are going to seal your project avoid heavy traffic until it is sealed. 

  • How long do pavers last?

Pavers are made to last a lifetime. They are made out of concrete, which is a highly durable long lasting material. Even if a paver cracks it can simply be removed and replaced.

  • What should I do if one or more interlocking pavers are broken?

Pavers can be easily removed and replaced.

  • How do I ensure that my paved surface does not shift or move over time?

If a force occurs that is strong enough to create an uneven surface in a paved driveway, walkway or patio, the stones can simply be removed to allow the surface to be leveled, and then placed back into position.

  • What are seconds?

Second quality pavers will have imperfections. They will be chipped, cracked, have a height and/or color variation. These pavers are typically purchased by the DIY homeowner who has a small project in mind and has the time to sort though each paver.

  • Can I return an item?

All sales are final.

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