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​WET! is user friendly, single-component polymer; environmentally friendly. WET! is water-borne clear sealer, wish gives a wet, glossy finched look. WET! is able to seal, protect, stabilize, and color enhance in one quick, easy process.


  • ​Professional grade
  • U.V. inhibitors 
  • Damp friendly
  • Color enhancing 
  • Single-part, no waste 
  • Quick recoat time
  • Low odor
  • Great coverage
  • interior and exterior use
  • less than 25g/L V.O.C.


Paver Specifications


Suncoast Pavers, Inc.



The URE-SEAL H20 is a high-performance clear coating that protects. Enhance Brick Pavers for years and gives that wet, glossy finished look with superior joint sand stabilization. It is a 2-part Water Reducible crystal-clear, urethane sealer. 


  • Prevents weed & mold growth from pavers
  • 4-7 year durability
  • Joint sand hardens to a concrete-like barrier
  • Will not need to be stripped off before sealing in the future
  • Excellent abrasion & superior chemical resistance
  • High gloss, rich color enhancement
  • Will form an extremely hard protective Coating
  • Perfect Coating for high traffic areas
  • Will not allow for pavers to shift, sink or wobble
  • Can be applied after cleaning to damp pavers
  • Will not yellow or turn white!
  • Low ( VOC ) Volatile Organic Compounds & low odor!
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial paver
  • sealing applications
  • Locally Owned and Manufactured
  • Ure Seal is Industry leader in UV